02The gym Notorius opened its gates in November, 1998 and after 18 years of constant innovation we can boast about our over 10,000 registered members throughout these years.
Our main goal is to continuously offer our members a high quality of services focusing on their individual needs and the support of their objectives.
Our gym is fully equipped with state of the art equipment (all of which supplied by Technogym ) for both aerobic and strength training. Our highly qualified staff, all of whom have graduated TEFAA, have always used their tremendous experience to motivate our members providing constant and individual supervision regardless of each member’s level of fitness.
Classes and group activities include: TRX, Cross Training, Total body, Power body, Body pump, Dynamic cardio, Fight for fitness, Tabata Fit, Circular fitness, Aerobic, Abs & legs, Fit ball, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Dance stretching & Kick boxing.
If you are looking for a new, healthy and creative lifestyle to fill you with confidence, then our programs offering a wide range of classes which cater for all ages, both sexes and all abilities will certainly offer you a beneficial and motivational environment. Indulge in the individual attention and flexibility we can offer you and let us teach you how to channel your energy and maintain body control.